Diesel Innovations Training Academy

  •  Kempton Park, GP

Diesel Innovations Generator Training Academy

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Diesel Innovations Training Academy, offers comprehensive theoretical and practical training to Consultants, Engineers, Generator Technicians and Facility Managers. In the past 4 years, more than 400 learners from South Africa and African Countries have attended various generator related training modules at the training academy, achieving a post-course evaluation score of over 90%.

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Our training academy, located in Pomona Estates, Kempton Park comprises of state of the art generator control equipment, generator simulation mimic, electrical control panels including PLC’s, combined with a multiple set emergency generator plant.

The standby generator plant is equipped with two emergency generators which are synchronized and paralleled with the utility grid combined with a standalone generator set controlled with the latest Deep Sea and Lovato technology.

On completion of each training course each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion, signed by the facilitator.

Lunch is provided with all courses and a list of accommodation facilities can be provided on request.

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