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Two way Technologies is an authorized Motorola Dealer in Two way Radios.

By simply pressing a button, you can contact one, one dozen, or one hundred people, instantly. That is the power of two way radio. Unlike any other form of communication, two way can link individuals or groups together without costly usage fees.

Two way is what today's smart business people use to stay competitive. They know that through effective two way communication their customers' demands can be more quickly addressed and productivity can be dramatically increased. Two way radio allows teams of employees to stay in constant communication, working towards a common goal - getting the job done. 

With over 15 years experience we can offer you the best and prompt services and prices. There are many users of two way radios, each with specific needs, requirements and working conditions. We provide you with complete solutions with a large selection of accessories that enable customers to customise their radios to meet their everyday needs.

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