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Plascon Kensai designer paint supplier

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For 128 years Plascon has been leading the way in the coatings industry.

While we have always led from the front in innovation and industry it is not merely our scientific expertise that has given us this edge.

Maintaining your home is an expensive business, but your home is your greatest investment and maintaining it will ensure that your home retains its value.

The finest finish and long lasting results are guaranteed when you paint with Plascon's  Premium Flagship Range; namely Plascon Double Velvet, Plascon Cashmere, Plascon Velvaglo, Plascon Wall & All, Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms,Plascon Micatex and Plascon Nuroof Cool.

Our Premium Flagship Range has undergone extensive exposure tests in the harsh Southern African environment. Continuous technical advancements have enabled Plascon to be the first to confidently raise the bar on guarantees. The premium flagship range now boasts guarantees of between 12 to 15 years.  

The Plascon Premium Flagship range boasts several technological advances, such as the inclusion of Unique Stain Barrier™ in Plascon Double Velvet and Triple Action Bead Technology™ in Plascon Cashmere. Plascon Velvaglo and Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based contains Polytough™ Protective Barrier and Aquatough™ Protective Barrier respectively. 

Plascon Double Velvet, Plascon Cashmere, and Plascon Kitchens & Bathrooms now come with a remarkable 15-year guarantee; and Plascon Velvaglo & Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based have a 12-year guarantee.

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