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Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd is committed to saving our most precious resource through firstly reducing waste when water is used and then harvesting rainwater, greywater and storing fresh water for use inside or outside your home or office

Smart solutions for water conservation
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Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd is delighted to supply stylish, space saving, aesthetically pleasing Australian engineered Thintanks that are now locally manufactured by 4EVR Plastic Products. The rectangular water storage tanks are perfect for residential and commercial use in South Africa and other African countries A 2,000l capacity high quality food-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene tank is available in four elegant colours.

The Thintanks supplied by Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd can be configured in any quantity to achieve the desired storage capacity. Easy installation allows for numerous configurations as single or multiples, either mounted against walls or freestanding to create fences, courtyards, enclosed carports, etc. to name only a few possible installation options.

Solutions can be planned to harvest rainwater, maintaining a fresh water supply or a combination of both (although freshwater should never be mixed with rain or grey water). Furthermore Thintanks can also be used for mobile water requirements either intended for industrial, agricultural, events or drought relief as examples.

Furthermore the Thintanks can also be used for mobile water requirements either intended for industrial, agricultural, events or drought relief as examples. We would gladly discuss your bulk water requirements.

  • Why invest in a Thintank?
  1. The Thintanks is an Australian product, designed and patented by an engineer with over 50 years experience in plastics and water treatment who is still part of this continuing journey with Thintank
  2. All Thintanks are designed by a professional consulting engineer in accordance with all AS/NZ Standards and designs confirmed with FEA testing
  3. 4EVR Plastic Products purchased the rights to manufacture and distribute in South Africa, Africa and Europe
  4. The 2,000l tank weighs 135kg, a traditional round tank of similar capacity weighs below 40kg
  5. Each tank is manufactured from high quality food-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene
  6. The moulding process is incredibly complex with special “kiss-offs” incorporated into the interior ensuring structural durability and stability of each tank to withstand pressure. This however results in a more labour intensive manufacturing process for moulding, stripping and finishing – including additional cranage due to weight of finished product
  7. Thintanks warrants its rainwater tanks by a pro rata warranty for 10 years from the original date of purchase
  8. The wall thickness of regular water tanks are much thinner than that of Thintanks. The thickness of the walls of Thintanks combined with its intricate design ensures that tanks will never sag and will maintain its upright position
  9. The 2,000lThintank is the thinnest tank of similar capacity available in South Africa, measuring only 470mm wide
  10. Plugs used in finishing off tanks after manufacture are imported from Australia
  11. In Australia the approximate cost of a 2,000l Thintank is AU1,700 excluding GST and shipping, brackets are sold separately. In South Africa the recommended retail price of a 2,000l Thintank is R13,920 including VAT in Cape Town, excluding delivery and is supplied with the following:
    • Sieve
    • End cap
    • Ball valve
    • Thread tape Brackets – free standing / against wall
    • Clip-close lid
    • Reducer fitting

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