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Fish Financial Advisory Services T/A Trinitas

We provide financial advice in the areas of Bussiness Assurance(Buy and sell agreements. Loan redemption plans,Deferred and preferred compensation,etc) Individual Life Assurance and their associated products. Medical Aid, Medical insurance planning and Gap cover, Retirement planning, Investment planning, Commercial Insurance( Logistics and trucking,A wide range of insurance for businesses,wildlife,engineering,marine,etc,) Short term and domestic insurance. Securing your future and your current assets are of most importance to us. We will put you in the correct space according to your needs and requirements.

Fish Financial Advisory Services CC  T/A Trinitas  was established as an authorised  Financial Service Provider in 2009 by Mary-Ann Wanliss.

Alan Hobbes teamed up with Trinitas in  late 2012 to form a very strong bond of expertise with Mary – Ann.

They have a combined  service of 40 plus years in the Financial Planning Arena.

Registration details:

  • Financial Services Board – 40558
  • Council for Medical Schemes – BR 3852

The FSP is licenced to render advice and intermediary services in the following categories:

  • Long-Term Insurance : Category A
  • Short term Insurance : Personal Lines
  • Long-Term Insurance : Category B1
  • Long-Term Insurance : Category B2
  • Long-Term Insurance : Category C
  • Retail Pension Benefits
  • Short term Insurance : Commercial Lines
  • Pension Funds Benefits (excluding retail)
  • Participatory interests in Collective Investment Schemes
  • Health Service Benefits
  • Deposits Defined in the Banks act- 12 months or less 

Trinitas has the  experience in providing advice in the following areas of Financial Planning:

Retirement Planning , Insurance Planning(Commercial and Short Term), Investment Planning , Estate Planning , Health Care Planning( Medical Aid, Gap Cover, Medical Insurance), Life Assurance , Income Protection , Disability , Critical Illness , Wills and Pet Insurance

Trinitas is contracted with the following companies to market their products:

Ambledown ,  Bonitas , Discovery Health , Discovery Life , Fedhealth,     Fairbairn Capital , Genesis , Liberty , Marriot , Medshield , Momentum   Health ,  Momentum Life ,  Old Mutual, Old Mutual insure ,  One Insurance Company, Oneplan,  Sanlam,  Spectramed,  Stratum, Turnberry

Compliance with the FAIS act is monitored by Jodi Coxwell, an Independant Compliance Officer, CO 4465. She may be contacted at 

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