Saving Water Saves you Money

 Article date: 5 May 2020
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Saving Water Saves You Money

The Benefits of Grey Water Systems Explained

There have been a lot of attempts made to save water, especially with the droughts we have had recently and there are still some parts of South Africa that are under water restrictions because the dams that supply their water are not high enough to lift those restrictions. The recent fires in Knysna and Port Elizabeth have not helped to lift those restrictions and while rainfall is still low in the Cape, there is a way to cut back on your water using and saving some money while doing so.

What is a Grey Water System?

Well essentially it is an in-house water recycling system that takes dirty water from specified places in your home and recycles them to other places where our pure treated tap water isn’t necessary.

Grey water is made up from your bath, shower, bathroom basin and washing machine water. While it isn’t advisable to use the water from your kitchen sink and dishwasher due to levels of fat in the water as these are not easily recyclable and can cause damage and blockages in the system & also cause unwanted smells.

Putting a Grey Water System in place will cut the cost of your water consumption and decrease the amount of clean water you use from your municipality. You will still have this water though.

The simple trick of placing a plastic tarp tube from your gutter down pipe to your swimming pool saves you money every month as the rain water flows straight from there to your pool, topping it up. You can have a tank collect water at the gutter down pipe as well and this water can be used to water your garden. (General tip here is to ensure your gutters are clean otherwise you will get dust & grit in your pool which will result in additional cleaning costs)

By installing a Grey Water System, which consists of some piping, a holding tank, a filter/pump and a re-use tank, you can take your bath, shower, bathroom basin and washing machine water and recycle it to your irrigation system, outside taps and even your toilet. Just this process will save you money.

If you do install a Grey Water System, you need to use biodegradable detergents, you actually provide your garden with nutrients that our tap water does not provide.

No more worrying about water restrictions when you need to wash your car, water your garden and grass and top up your pool. All that water comes from the Grey Water System.

By installing a tank to catch rain water, more commonly known as rainwater harvesting, collects a phenomenal amount of water. A supplier of these rainwater harvest tanks states that just 2.5cm of rainfall on a roof size of 186m² will collect over 4000 litres of water in the tanks that the gutter down pipes run into. This water can be used to supplement your water needs such as washing your car, watering your garden and lawn, to topping up your swimming pool and can even be used to fight fires, especially on farms and areas where there are a lot of grass fires.  Makes you wonder how many rain harvesting tanks your local fire department have to collect water to extinguish fires…

Grey water systems are readily available through local suppliers  prices have become a little cheaper over time & there are plenty local Tradesmen that can assist you in setting this system up at your home or office!

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