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 Article date: 22 Apr 2020
 Written by: House Of Hard Hats Hard Hats

HANDY TIPS - Painting – (Where To Start)

Painting is more than just buying a can of paint and some brushes and slapping it on the walls. A certain amount of preparation is necessary to ensure that you get the job done just right!

*             Proper planning prior to starting anything

*             Taken into account all safety requirements

*             Use quality tools & materials 

*             Preparation is essential for any task, surfaces & surroundings need to be prepared & taken care of (flaking, peeling paint, cracks, damp plaster)

*             Protect everything you don’t want to paint

*             The more texture in the surface will require a thicker pile roller to reach all the corners of your surface

*             Become familiar with the different paints available to you, there are different  types for different applications

*             Ensure you use quality moisture resistant paints in bathrooms & kitchens

*             Oil & water based paints have different uses

*             Use the correct primers & always prime up bare surfaces prior to applying top coats

*             Spread the paint evenly all the time & always be prepared to do at least 2 coats (don’t waste paint by applying to much to the surface)

*             Ensure adequate drying time between coats 

*             Lead free paints are more environmentally friendly & better for pregnant moms & little ones

*             Oil based enamel paints can be relatively harsh on the respiratory system, ensure you ventilate rooms & allow enough time for drying of the paint before occupying the room

*             To keep your rollers & brushes moist, in between coats wrap a bit of cling film around your roller or bush tightly to lock in the moisture (a plastic bag wrapped well works great too)

*             To remove paint residue off your skin quickly, baby oil works well

*             If doing feature walls (different colour contrasts of different walls) work with the lighter colour first as you can work faster & correct attention to detail with the darker colour later

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