BEST PRACTICE FOR CLEANING – Paints & Solvents (Save the Planet)

 Article date: 4 May 2020
 Written by: House Of Hard Hats Hard Hats

BEST PRACTICE FOR CLEANING – Paints & Solvents (Save the Planet)

  • If you using a water base paint, clean you roller or brush in soapy water & rinse well until the water has run clear
  • You can utilise a medium strength general hand brush with strong stiff bristles to clean stubborn paint from your brush or tray
  • If using oil based paints you will need a specialist paint brush cleaner or a white spirit like turpentine
  • Use a small clear jar, pour a small amount of turpentine into your jar & work the brush through the liquid until satisfied (you may have to repeat this & follow with a soapy final wash)
  • Let the turpentine sit for a day or 2 until the paint has settled in the jar, decant the remains of turpentine back into the main jar & re use in the future, throw the jar away with dried paint
  • Don’t put solvents down the sink or drains, it’s damaging to the environment

There are various specialist paint techniques available on the market today, be sure to find a professional to assist you with any style you need right here with us

If in doubt, call out a professional to assist

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