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Xoliswa Tini Properties

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This is a home of happiness, commitment and dedication driven by passion, motivation and a will to succeed.
Our objective is to develop long standing relationships with our client's. All the above is the synergy from the principal down to the housekeeper in our offices. This has been proven by our growth through the referral system; we are where we are because of our network, service Excellency and establishment of a good referral system. We are committed to service and never loose focus of what we stand for. Honesty and integrity to our clients is very important.
Acquiring property is like a marriage you have to plan well-choose your bride/groom (Choose your property of choice) ensure it is available and make an offer which can't be refused knowing that it is a long and fulltime commitment from the day of acquisition.
It is a decision that can change your life in either of two ways for better or worse. So now you can see the comparisons.
We at Xoliswa Tini Properties hope to make your selection and purchase of a home a painless, easy and fruit full process. We believe that you the client has to love your home as it is your sanctuary and at the end of a hard days work you should be happy to come home and relax.
We try to match each owner with their home a house should not just be a dwelling it should be a "HOME"

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  • Property Development
  • Property Rentals
  • Property searches for clients
  • Property Consulting –Advice on bank finance
  • Database of buyers and sellers

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