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Electrical work done on various projects:
Electrical Construction of upmarket homes, various Office Buildings, shops. Wiring and connecting of DB Boards, doing chasing, tubing, wiring and finishing. Plus testing and commissioning of complete installation of street light poles and cables. Wiring and connecting of DB Boards of complex buildings. Signing off and handover to owners.
Electrical work experience along the N1, Mini-sub, Kiosk and Street light pole removal. Installations with maintenance, all connections and cable rerouting with bedding and also installation with cable jointing. Planning with method statements, way-leaves, permits and reading plans and drawing as-builds with direct state-values for completion of work.
Benoni Nottinghill bachelor flats; Fourways Douglas Gate Estate units; Midrand Project for House units. Chasing and conduit teams, cable/wiring installation team, finishing team, snagging team. Laying MV and LV cables, Mini-subs, kiosks placements and also cable terminations. Assisting with MV termination on Minisub.
Dressing ABC pole with pigtails and Pole-top boxes with earth wire, installing ABC overhead network. Terminate of ABC with IPC to supply cable & Streetlight circuits with cherry-picker. Installing house connection cables and installation of Ready boards in houses. Installation testing, Megering out circuits/cables.

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